How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made?Show our lipo battery assembly process|DTP battery

How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made?Show our lipo battery assembly process|DTP battery

Soft pack lithium battery pack production process and lithium battery pack production line. The so-called soft-pack batteries are actually batteries that use aluminum-plastic packaging film as the packaging material. Lithium battery PACK has relatively strict processing and manufacturing standards, and the manufacturing process level also determines the quality of the battery module, which affects the operating efficiency of the entire production line. The production process of soft pack lithium battery pack is more complicated, and pack is the key to the production, design and application of power battery system.

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Lithium Polymer Battery Production Process|PACK

This is our finished lithium polymer battery assembly workshop

Introduction of soft pack lithium polymer battery pack production line:

From the lithium battery cell to the automation module to the PACK production line in the entire process, the degree of automation of the assembly line is a key factor that determines product quality and production efficiency. In the processing of soft-packed lithium batteries, there are strict control standards for temperature, air tightness, etc., but in the case of manual operations, the operation is relatively difficult, and the use of automated production mode makes the product performance indicators easier Satisfied, and the yield rate is higher.

Features of the soft pack lithium polymer battery PACK production line: 

It has the nature of comprehensive automation and integration, combines non-standard equipment, general-purpose robots, and integrates laser metal welding, electronic detection, machine vision, data management and other technical methods.

Power lithium battery pack production line technology process-dynamic screening-1 series and parallel according to the quantity requirements-BMS system outsourcing processing production-parameter calibration performance testing cable preparation-shell preparation, heat dissipation, screen and interface, battery pack and BMS system Integration-fast quality inspection issuance of performance parameter data packaging and certification. The automated integration business of automatic computer matching of power batteries generally includes fully automated modules and PACKs.

How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made Lithium polymer battery PACK production line PACK production line
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